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Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Terms

When you access our website or the website of any of our subsidiaries, partners or affiliates, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use as well as any applicable laws or regulations that may govern the use of this website.

If you have questions about these Terms and Conditions of Use, or if you do not wish to agree to them, please do not use this website. Exit immediately or contact us for more information.

All content on this website, including text, images, audio or video files or clips, and any other content of any type whatsoever is protected by copyright, trademark or other laws concerning information of a proprietary nature. You should not copy or distribute or use any information found on this website in any way without the express written permission of the website owners.

2. Disclaimer

There may be times when our website information is accidentally incomplete or inaccurate. While we strive to maintain complete and accurate information at all times, we offer our website "as is" and make no guarantees, warranties or promises as to the information contained herein.

While we attempt to ensure that the information on this website is accurate, we make no express warranties or implied warranties about the website material's fitness for use, merchantability or any non-infringement or other rights that may exist under any applicable laws.

We hereby expressly state that you use this website at your own risk.

3. Limitations

Even if we are notified in writing of the possibility of a claim for liability, we hereby expressly disclaim any and all responsibility for any use of this website, without limitation. We specifically disclaim any type of damage including any loss of profit, any loss of data or any business interruption that could be connected to the use or inability to use this website.

4. Revisions and Errata

There may be errors such a typographical errors, errors of photography or imagery or other types of errors that can appear on any website. We hereby expressly state that we will not warrant any materials on this website for accuracy, currency or any other factor. We may also change the material on this website from time to time without notice.

5. Links

We do not have responsibility for or control over any links to this website. We do not control any content on any websites other than our own, and a link on or to this site does not signify any endorsement of the services, products or goods offered by any company or of any opinions that may be expressed on those websites.

6. Site Terms of Use Modifications

We hereby reserve the right to make changes or modifications to these Terms of Use at any time and without giving any prior notice. You hereby agree that by using this website, you will be bound by the terms and conditions that are currently in effect.

7. Governing Law

Any claims against us arising out of the use of this website will be governed by the laws of the state of Washington.

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